About TwentyPine

Our Founder, Max Maeder, started TwentyPine in 2014 with a simple goal: put the human element back into recruiting. After building his career in the recruitment industry, Max was frustrated by how all the big firms cared more about numbers than connecting with people. He promptly left the firm he helped to establish and started TwentyPine to restore quality and integrity to the recruitment industry.


Now a division of Mitchell Martin Inc., one of the largest staffing firms in the US, TwentyPine has established itself as one of the leading headhunting agencies in the Revenue Operations, Sales Operations and Salesforce ecosystem. We have connected people across all industries whether they’re a Fortune 500 consumer goods company, a small startup with their first funding round, or a Consulting Partner looking to grow.

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Our Team

  • Steve Reynolds
    Steve Reynolds Director
  • Max Hart Head of Business Development & Partnerships
  • Aaron Leeder West Coast Practice Manager
  • Bri Doyle
    Bri Doyle Account Executive
  • Jerry Bonura Senior Account Executive
  • Sofia Beneroff
    Sofia Beneroff Principal
  • Elianna Wasser
    Elianna Wasser Principal
  • Michael Mauldin
    Michael Mauldin Principal

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